Luke Slobin

Luke is the founder (and although he doesn't like the title; CEO) of Chocolate Box Training. His passion for travel and adventure is the reason why we are so much more than a gym, but also his compassion and selfless caring nature is the reason why Chocolate Box embraces everyone.

Just to give you an idea about what sort of person Luke is; this year (2018) he took a group to Everest Base Camp. Having suffered from Altitude Sickness in the snow in America, he was petrified of getting knocked down during this hike to Basecamp (which for the most part is thousands of metres higher than the snow in America). On the way up he heard that we'd by chance be heading down from Basecamp at the same time as the Tenzing Hillary Everest Basecamp Marathon. So Luke spends the next four days convincing our guide to let him do it. Eventually Luke chips him down and next day finds himself running in a Marathon from the base of the World's Highest Mountain. If there's one thing you'll learn from Luke, it's the power of your mindset, and determination... Especially when you know it means getting to the pub faster.