Here's a few reasons why our online training app is one of the best. Just like a box of chocolates - there's something for everyone. Click on the headlines below to read more.

Programmed by the experts
Scientifically designed by our own Exercise Physiologist and tested by our team of coaches who have over 25 years of training experience. Our team of qualified trainers have curated a scalable program designed to maximise your achievements and fitness goals. Our Online Training program is unlike any other as we draw from our entire team of experts in all fields - strength, conditioning, mobility, running and professional sport. We challenge you at all fitness levels and accessible to all.

Our fitness app gives you access to more than five different training programs for the one cost - strength, conditioning and mobility (intermediate and advanced); beginners program, yoga, pilates and barre (wellness), running, and sports specific training (AFL). There are no hidden costs or extras.

Our goal is to cater to you, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Our online training program is suitable for those new to movement, or those with a solid training background. Every online member gets access to all the training programs - so you can progress through the training as you get stronger, or simply want to mix up your training routine.

Our video tutorials show exact movements specific to that day’s program - no annoying need for you to watch ten different videos to see ten different exercises, we bundle it up into one sharp and entertaining video. Our expert and experienced trainers will take you through the warm-up, workout and finisher blocks to make sure you’re doing everything correctly through video tutorials. Our trainers will guide you through the movements of the workout to ensure proper form and safety and at times will also provide you with alternative exercise options should some movements be too challenging.

We run Facebook Live classes each week for those craving a routine but finding it hard to follow when stuck at home. These live classes drive extra accountability and make you turn up to class, just like the good old days.

After every session, check off your workout and log your results on the fitness app to keep you accountable for achieving your goals. All completed workouts are recorded and added to the Chocolate Box Training leader board. Challenge your mates and the rest of our online community to help push you to your limits. See how you fared among other members, colleagues, friends and family! Give one another ‘fist bumps’ and encourage others as they hit their milestones.

Enjoy the Chocolate Box Training worldwide community and stay connected to all members and trainers. Our private Facebook Group gives you the opportunity to engage with our team of expert trainers, make new connections with members around the world, post questions, share your results (or brag...), share your video and photos of your workouts. Our coaches, teachers and trainers will be looking over you as they monitor your results too! Our global online community is there to encourage and support you in your fitness journey.

What's on the app?

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