We Make Rigs


We have created the ultimate flexible training program so you can turn up when you want and train how you want. Group classes, indoor and outdoor, strength and conditioning or flexibility – our sessions change every day

Strength & Conditioning

Walk into The Basement and you will get a strength and conditioning program like no other. Focusing on a different muscle group each day, simply turn up when you want and be guided through the session by our trainers. We record your performance each week to make sure you get the best results.

Group and Mobility

If you like the energy of group class – we’ve got you covered. From running, to indoor and outdoor high intensity cardio classes, mobility specific yoga and Pilates, as well as a daily Mums & Bubs session, these classes are the foundation of Chocolate Box Training.

Endurance & Adventure

Looking for a goal? Look no further. Our endurance and adventure program will have you competing in a triathlon, half or full marathon and epic trail run in no time. Choose from our program of events both here in Australia and internationally, and we will provide you a professionally programmed training schedule complete with seminars, technique workshops and performance testing to make sure you smash it out on race day. This also comes with a sweet selection of post-training socials and post-race celebrations. What’s a race without a beer at the end?