Due to recent government requirements we have closed our gym until further notice. We'll continue to update our members throughout this time. We thank you for your continued support.


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Online Training

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The very best workouts from the very best trainers of Chocolate Box Training, teachers of Studio Ellipsis - plus a few of our epic mates across the globe.

Chocolate Box Training's Online Training program gives you access to our full 'unlimited' training package - including daily weighted and body-weight workout options, plus yoga, Pilates, barre attack, and meditation classes from our sister-studio, Studio Ellipsis. 

Three Programs In One
Unlike other training apps, we give you everything in one place for the one set cost.

  • Strength & Conditioning (Weighted & Body Weight): Combining body weighted and weighted options our S&C program is developed with progressive overload principles to ensure you are challenged day in, day out. The periodised program comes in 4-week blocks to ensure you are exposing yourself and your body to enough stimulus to see serious benefits. This includes "testing" at the beginning and end of each block, to test and track progress ensuring this home program gives structure and purpose.
  • Running: Under the guidance of running coach and Exercise Physiologist, our running program will have you sprinting around your block in no time. We spend time programming drills, steady state running and interval based sessions to guarantee you improve your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems which are essential to efficient running.
  • Wellness (Yoga, Pilates & Barre): Follow our Studio Ellipsis instructors with yoga (flow and yin), Pilates and high intensity barre attack classes. Expect to get stretchy, switch on the core and feel the burn while you spend 45 mins focusing on yourself. 
  • Leader boards: Challenge your mates and the rest of our online community with daily leader boards and to help push you to your limits!
  • Coach's contact: Training Hard? We hope so. Our coaches and teachers will be looking over you as they monitor your results in our training app and offer feedback through our private Facebook group.  


Train at home, in your backyard or at the beach


We are constantly working at making the videos and content in our app as fun and interesting as we can. Here's a sneak peak - just so you know you're not getting a PDF with a 'home' filmed workout using crappy iphone audio.

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