Based on Government regulations, until 1 December only fully-vaccinated individuals may be members of a fitness or recreation centre. This applies to anyone aged 16 years or over.

Anyone aged 16 and over will need to provide proof of their immunisation status. You can provide us with proof of your immunisation status through the following options:

- COVID-19 digital certificate access through Express Plus Medicare mobile app or Medicare online account through myGov.

- Printed version of the COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement (available through mGov)

- Digital certificate can also be added to a Service NSW app and shared as part of a QR code check-in

- If you do not have a medicare card - contact Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 709 (this may take up to 14 days to arrive); add a digital certificate to a smartphone wallet.

- For people without a smartphone or online access - request a copy via mail from Australian Immunisation Register.

- For people with a medical exemption, speak with your GP about getting your medical contraindication added to your immunization history.

Once your immunisation history status has been cited, our team will update your account to reflect your immunisation status. Your immunisation record itself will not be held by us. 

Please contact the management team if you will only be partially vaccinated by 11 October so that the necessary arrangements can be made to reflect your anticipated fully vaxxed date.  

If you have a medical exemption from vaccination, please speak with your GP or specialist about getting your medical contraindication added to your immunisation history, so that we can cite this and make the necessary updates on our system.

Youth classes will be held in our original home, the Chocolate Factory (165 South Creek Rd) until the Government advises of any changes from 1 December. Anyone aged 16 and over will need to provide proof of immunisation status. Youth under the age of 15 will not be required to do so.

Children aged 15 years and under are not required to be vaccinated, however they will need to be accompanied by a fully-vaccinated adult or caretaker.

Yes, all Chocolate Box Training, Studio Ellipsis and Motus Health & Performance practitioners are fully vaccinated. All members of the content production agency, Charlie Bucket & Co are also fully vaccinated.

As an allied health service, Motus Health & Performance is exempt from only accepting double-vaccination clients. Subsequently, they will continue to accept all clients who require their services, in line with the Government regulations. To ensure minimal contact and cross-over with gym members, all physiotherapy clients will be treated in the Motus Health & Performance rooms exclusively, and any unvaccinated clients who require Exercise Physiology sessions will be trained in our secondary high performance space at 165 South Creek Road, Cromer.  

Mask wearing inside and outside of venues is still mandatory. All trainers and instructors will be required to wear masks, however we are waiting for further Government advice on whether members in classes are required to wear masks while exercising. At this stage, although the information for fitness and recreation venues is unclear, we do not believe that members will be required to wear a mask during exercise.

We continue to remain vigilant when it comes to monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our community, while ensuring we are giving all members the opportunity to train or have their clinical movement needs assessed in line with the Government regulations. We will continue to provide sanitation stations, daily cleaning of our facilities, following social distancing guidelines including not encouraging loitering after classes and keeping staff informed and up to date covid-safe policies and practices. 

If you have a specific personal circumstance you wish to discuss with us, please contact us directly.