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CrossFit Chocolate Box is the new home of advanced CrossFit training on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Developed for those serious about their training and competing in the CrossFit season, the program is powered by Australia’s leading CrossFit coach, Starr Strength & Performance, exclusive to CrossFit Chocolate Box.  
With a minimum training standard required, join a group of like-minded individuals pushing for personal growth, improving physical conditioning and preparing for CrossFit competitions. Combining over 1000sqm training space with experienced coaches and programming – CrossFit Chocolate Box is the new home for Australia's best CrossFitters.  

Our location is: 2/165 S Creek Rd, Cromer NSW 2099. Find our CrossFit pricing and timetable information here


Our CrossFit program is designed to increase functional fitness performance. By improving strength, conditioning and technique we aim to build well rounded athletes who can take on all challenges within the gym setting. This program will prime someone for functional fitness competitions if that be a goal.

To ensure you are able to complete the program to its full entirety the following standards must be met:

1 - Movement Standards: Must show competency in the following Compound lifts: Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Push press.

2 - Conditioning Standard: 10 Minute Airfit Bike Test:

Women: 100+ Cals
Men: 130+ Cals

*Note - With Olympic lifting a part of the program it is not compulsory for you to have competency in these lifts. Our program offers progressive alternatives for olympic lifting to learn the movements or for those needing to work on their mobility prior to attempting these lifts to avoid Injury.

This program requires a full commitment to the five allocated training sessions throughout the week. In order to improve and get results out of the program, commitment is key.

Fortunately, if you miss a class or a time doesn't work, you will have access to the CrossFit program through our Online Training App to complete in a time that works for you. This can be completed in our Black Box CrossFit Chocolate Box gym. It is open throughout the working day and shuts after the last class. You can also use the main gym in Chocolate Box Training or the free weights open gym access across the road. We will endeavour to open up more classes in the near future so as to accommodate all CrossFit participants across more session times.

Testing is a priority for us to monitor an individual's progression. We test major lifts every 8 weeks as well as incorporate benchmark conditioning sessions in 4 - 6-week blocks in order to monitor continuous progress throughout the program.

Yes, each session we record our daily workout results through SugarWOD, our online program app to monitor results and track weekly progress.

The Elite CrossFit program is powered by Starr Strength and offers a higher complexity of training compared to our Strength & Conditioning program. For example, the inclusion of more technical movements such as Olympic lifting and gymnastic exercises separate the programs.

They both follow a strict periodised schedule to ensure you're seeing real progression. However, CrossFit will be putting you through sessions which use heavier weights more often, rope climbs, muscle ups and gymnastics movements.

If this sounds too much for you right now, start with S&C first to build up more foundational strength and fitness. If it sounds perfect, then enquire now and get stuck in!

The CrossFit Chocolate Box program is $79/week. This package is called ‘Unlimited’ and also includes Reformer Pilates Classes, Open Gym access and FREE Childminding.

Our advanced programs completed inside Chocolate Box (in-gym) & Online Programming through the SugarWOD App are the same program. Lifting and WOD elements are the same in both in-gym and online programs. We offer our Online Program at $15/week so people who are unable to attend Chocolate Box Training can still complete the program as performed in-gym.

Onboarding into the program can be undertaken in a few different ways.

Option 1 - Confident with the training standards & schedule? Great! All that’s needed is video proof of performing the standards and you can be ticked off and ready to jump straight into the program.

Option 2 - Think you need some work or you’re just not sure where to start? Book into the onboarding class and our Program Manager Maxi will work with you.

Option A:

Every 2:30mins x 6

1 Power Clean + Push Jerk

1 Squat Clean + Split Jerk @80-85%

Scoring: Load

Option B:

Every 2:30mins x 6

4 Front Squats @80-85%

Scoring: Load


14min AMRAP

6 / 8 MU or C2B or Kipping Pull Up

10 Deadball over shoulder

300m row

Scoring: Reps

Of course! We have an onboarding class each Saturday morning for beginners. Book into this and our program manager, Maxi will work with you. It might be that you stick to Strength & Conditioning and the Onboarding class for a few weeks before transitioning into CrossFit. This is mainly so you don't risk injury and are competent in all lifts beforehand. This will mean your progression is much better in future.

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