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Get expert coaching, one-on-one accountability check-ins and world-class training with our HYBRID Online Training program, by HYROX Australia 2023 winner Chris Woolley.


HYBRID training combines both running and functional workout stations. It has become particuarly popular in competitions such as HYROX, where participants run 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated eight times.

Absolutely! There is a reason HYBRID training and compeitions like HYROX are the fastest growing fitness competition in the world - and it's because anyone and everyone can participate.

Accommodating both professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to take their training to the next level, HYBRID is a training style for everybody.

Our online program requires a full commitment to at least three training sessions throughout the week.

You will require access to a gym that ideally has equipment such as a sled track, ski ergs, rowers and safe nearby running routes.

Simply follow along with the program online, and you will be peak performance ready.

Yes, each session we record our daily workout results through our our online program app to monitor results and track weekly progress.

Our HYBRID Online Program is specifically tailored to maximise performance for the unique combination of strength and cardio-endurance required of hybrid athletes.

This is reflected in the daily programming schedule, which uses equipment specific to Hybrid performance - such as sled push, ski ergs and rowers.

The HYBRID Online Training Program is $39/week. This includes access to the app, weekly accountability calls and check-ins with your online coach, Chris Woolley, as well as access to a thriving and supportive HYBRID online community.

There is a free 7 Day Trial for all new online members.

You can have immediate access to the program, simply by purchasing the program online. This will provide you with a login code to the app. You will get a 7 day free week, and then be charged weekly.

You will also be invited to schedule an onboarding call with Chris, as soon as your sign up. The purpose of this call is for Chris to get to understand your training goals, what equipment you have access to and any other specifics relating to your training to allow him to personalise your program for you.

You can expect HYBRID online training sessions to provide a mix of cardio conditioning and strength exercises, combined with a specific movement focus. As example of a workout is:

Sled Endurance 4 mins x 2 Rounds
Sled Push and Sled Pull endurance circuit

EMO2M x 3 Rounds
Min 1-2:
8 x Dumbell Devils Press + 10/15 ski cals
Min 2-4:
Max effort wall-balls
Min 4-6:
8 x Burpee Board jumps + 10/15 row cals
Min 6-8:
Max effort Kettlebell farmers carry
Min 8-10:
8 x Dumbell walking lunges + 10/15 bike cals
Min 10-12:

Of course! All you need is a committment to train. Chris will help guide you through the training and if you have your eye set on a competition like HYROX or True Grit we will ensure you are competition ready.

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