Meet the Team

A team of champions

We’ve scaled the country and even the world to pull together a diverse team of individuals with passion and direction. The brains and brawn of our team comprise of our General Manager Jess Layton (Layts) who is supported by our passionate and fully qualified trainers with boxing, endurance, functional strength & conditioning, yoga and Pilates specialties.

Manager & Trainer

QUALS: Cert III & IV Fitness. Run leader & recreational run coach.
MOTTO: Work smarter, not harder. 
LIKES: Chocolate Oak milk for brekkie, surf boat rowing, AFL, sitting down to shower and travelling where normal people don't want to go.
DISLIKES: Tomato, snakes and sand on my towel when laying on the beach.

Jess Layton (Layts)

Manager & Trainer

QUALS: Cert III & IV Fitness 

MOTTO: Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

LIKES: Footy, travel, beach, ping pong.

DISLIKES: Laziness, small portions, pineapple on pizza, coriander.

Maxi Jolley

Trainer & Run Coach

QUALS: Qualified PT, run coach, Pilates & reformer Pilates instructor, pre and post pregnancy
MOTTO: Be nice and don’t take yourself too seriously.
LIKES: Family, friends, fur babies, travel, food.
DISLIKES: Coriander, pine nuts, animal cruelty.

Bethany Williamson


QUALS: Cert III & Cert IV in fitness, 5 years professional & 20 years personal experience in the fitness industry
MOTTO:  Better than yesterday.
LIKES: Surfing, the ocean, summer, camping up the north coast, my epic little family, Olympic lifting, assault bike, ski ergs. 
DISLIKES: People doing half ‘arsed’ wall balls, closeouts, pineapple on pizzas and hamburgers.

Brad Sinclair


QUALS: Certificate III & IV in Fitness

MOTTO: What doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you.

Road trips, sunrises, salt water, smoothie bowls, happy people.

DISLIKES: Negativity, how quickly my plants die.

Jade Conaty


QUALS: Cert III and IV in fitness. 

if you want it work for it. 

 Playing footy, spending time with family, coffee, long walks, chocolate & early mornings.

 Birds, garlic, loud eaters & cats.

Em Goodsir


QUALS: Cert III & IV in Fitness and CrossFit Level 1
MOTTO: Persistence will get it, consistency will keep it.
LIKES: Training, surfing, eating and DOGS!
DISLIKES: Pineapple on Pizza and 

Georgia Welsman


QUALS: Cert III & IV Fitness.  Level 1 RFT
MOTTO:  Be present and be happy.
LIKES: The ocean and anything to do with it, people who smile back, mangoes.
DISLIKES: Feet, people who chew with their mouths open, plastic bags.

Jaden Garft


QUALS: Cert III & IV Fitness, ASCA Cert Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

MOTTO: Effort over achievement, process over outcome.

LIKES: Footy, brownies, lifting, long walks on the beach, chicken parmi’s.

DISLIKES: the dark, over cooked steak, cold days, being asked “how tall are you?

Kai Lackner

Trainer & Physiotherapist

QUALS: Bachelor of Physiotherapy

MOTTO: Medicine adds days to life. Physiotherapy adds life to days. 

LIKES: Mullets & ice cream.

DISLIKES: Stubbing my toe

Luke Vesccio

Trainer & Endurance Specialist

QUALS: Cert III & IV Fitness, with over 30 years of experience.

MOTTONo life motto.

LIKES: All Blacks winning. 

DISLIKES: All Blacks losing and any Kiwi team losing to Australia.

Matt Fryer


QUALS: Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness

MOTTO: Work hard and have fun

LIKES: Weights, basketball, melted chocolate and tabasco

DISLIKES: Spilling things and stepping on bees

Olly Bowman

Trainer & Exercise Physiologist

QUALS: Bachelors of Applied Science (sports and exercise) Masters of Exercise Physiology.
MOTTO: Honesty is the best policy and just be a good person.
LIKES: Running, summer, salt water & family size tub of Nutella.
DISLIKES: Loud eaters, narrow minded people and bindis.

Tommy Sloot