Meet the Team

A team of champions

We’ve scaled the country and even the world to pull together a diverse team of individuals with passion and direction. The brains and brawn of our team comprise of our General Manager Jess Layton (Layts) who is supported by our passionate and fully qualified trainers with endurance, functional strength & conditioning, yoga and Pilates specialties.

Manager & Trainer

"Work smarter, not harder"

Jess Layton (Layts)

Manager & Trainer

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"

Maxi Jolley

Trainer & Pilates Instructor

"Be nice and don’t take yourself too seriously"

Bethany Williamson


"Nothing comes easy. If you want it work for it"

Em Goodsir


"Persistence will get it, consistency will keep it"

Georgia Welsman


"Give it a go! You'll never know what you can do unless you give it a whirl"

Holly Graham

Strength & Conditioning Coach

"Effort over achievement, process over outcome"

Kai Lackner


"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!"

Natalea Smith


"Smile often & choose to see the good in everything"

Ronnie Tallon


"Do stuff. Be nice. Have fun"

Joe Macmanus


"Add what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own"

Miles Renzi

Front Desk Coordinator

"Food and exercise are medicine".

Tayla Hirsch

Front Desk Coordinator

"Show up for yourself. Even on the days you don't feel like it"

Eliza McEwan

Pilates Instructor

“It makes my heart happy knowing that our clients can come in, leave whatever is happening in their lives at the door and purely bring their awareness to the mind and body while also feeling that burn!”

Summer Simonetta

Pilates Instructor

"I take great pride in teaching classes of all fitness levels and empowering all our members through the joy of movement and good music". 

Laura Dickie

Pilates Instructor

"I truly believe that happiness comes from a healthy body and a highly trained mind. My classes are full of energy with an emphasis on directing mental functions to promote muscles to achieve their optimal performance".

Andressa San


"My teaching style is a stronger dynamic-based power Pilates. I adore Pilates for the feeling during class when your muscles are on fire and you know you are working damn hard both physically and mentally"

Kira-Leigh Rule

Yoga Instructor

"Once we can slow down our breathing and steady our mind we can experience what it’s like to 'feel' rather 'think' and come from a place of 'Being' rather than doing. See you on the mat"!

Bianca Kenvyn

Yoga Instructor

“My classes are like yum cha, I offer lots of different options, you take what you want and leave what doesn’t look/ feel good”.

Dom Falco

Pilates Instructor

"Pilates for Life, join us on this perpetual trend"!

Giane Caon

Pilates Instructor

Jenna Hitch

Yoga Instructor

"I try to live a more mindful life day by day and I am incredibly grateful for all the wisdom my teachers have given me and I hope to pay it forward to our members".

Krystle Maguire


Lucy Messara


"Medicine adds days to life. Physiotherapy adds life to days"

Luke Vescio


Have courage and be kind

Sam Church


"Know pain, Know gain"

Emma Williams

Exercise Physiologist

"My goal is to empower individuals through movement and create a positive influence on their holistic health and wellbeing"

Tommy Sloot

Exercise Physiologist

"Exercise is a massive part of health and I work to inspire our clients to lead active and happy lives".

Jazzy Fitzgerald

Massage Therapist

"If you never try, you will never know. You are always one decision away from a totally different life"

Szandra Beiber