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Why do we test?

Why do we test?
Apart from the fact that it makes us feel epic to challenge ourselves and find out how strong we are. There are actually a few important reasons for testing. Read through some of the points below to learn about the importance of testing.


Why is testing important?

A 1RM is the maximal amount of weight that can be lifted in one rep. So why is it important? Not only is knowing the maximal amount force an individual can generate a good objective measure for progression during a strength program; the numbers we achieve allow us to prescribe desired loads for future workouts without the guesswork.


What should you be aiming for?

As the name suggests, you’re aiming to lift a weight you could only physically lift once. 

In saying that though, this doesn’t mean everything your focus on movement goes out the window to lift this weight. A 1-RM should still be done with a sound and safe technique!


What are some key points to think about?

Some of the major points to think about are:  

  1. Take your time to get yourself in the most correct position possible as you set up your lift. This will not only ensure you have the best possible chance of producing top results but will also ensure you set yourself up in a safe position to execute the movement.
  2. Follow the proper warm-up protocol and prescribed rest periods. This will help reduce any risks of injury as well as ensure the systems are green to go before each attempt.
  3. Ensure you have you’re breathing down pat. Deep breath before the eccentric part of the lift and a forceful breath out during or after the concentric phase of the lift. 
  4. Throw self-doubt out the window! You are strong and resilient, give yourself that. 


Tips for Eating and Recovery around testing: 

Leading into the testing week to give yourself the best chance to lift your PB, it is important to pay just a little bit more attention to your recovery, nutrition and hydration. Here are a few reminders:

  • Use your roller over the weekend (or book into our recovery session on Sunday) and roll out any tight muscles
  • Get at least 8 hours sleep or even just a little bit more than what you usually do
  • Fuel your tank the night before with a good balance of good carbs, fats and proteins. Especially make sure you have protein after each session (ideal time is about 30 mins after) to help refuel tired muscles
  • Don't forget to stay hydrated especially the day before and also on the day


How does this get used in the future/next training block?

Common Questions:

  1. What if I’ve just started (do I still test)? - Yes, you should still test, BUT ensure you’ve had a trainer look over your initial movements to make sure they are happy to proceed. Alternatively, they may recommend another strength assessment. Regardless, come in on the day ready to lift some weights!
  2. What if I’m injured can I test the following week? - This completely depends on the injury and the phase of rehab. At Chocolate Box Training we have trained physiotherapists and exercise physiologists within the facility at all times, so ensure you seek the help if needed.
  3. What if I miss a testing day? - There is always next week! The benefit of testing during testing week is that atmosphere and comradery is at an all-time high. This makes it a little less daunting and a lot more motivating.


You can do it!

Good luck guys! We know you'll smash it! We'll have two trainers on each day to help you with your form and cheer you on. If you have any further questions please reach out to them.


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